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A Weekly Review of the Garden

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My St. Louis yard may appear as though it is still in the grasp of winter’s clutches, but don’t be fooled. Signs of spring life abound. Who cares if the forecast is calling for freezing temperatures and possible snow? My evening walks and apres-work yard clean up tell another story.

The week started off on the right foot–my orchid, the one I have been babying along, finally bloomed! Those who read this blog may remember my post written three months ago in the depths of winter in which I noticed small buds on the once graceful stems. I have been watching the buds swell, but in my comings and goings did not stop to take a picture. But whoa, I slowed down on Monday, when I saw she was blooming!


The spirea in the bed in front of the house is starting its little show. I wish I took a picture the other day when the leaves were just popping, because they were orange. They’re now yellow, soon to turn green and then to be covered with pretty pink blooms. The Grumpy Gardener (Steve Bender) proclaims this a trash shrub, placed in parking lots across America, but I have grown to like it. It is extremely forgiving, virtually indestructible and drought tolerant. And it came with the house.

spirea spring (640x480)

There is still a bit of orange to the spirea leaves. This guy is quickly emerging.

Of course, these signs of life have motivated me to get out of the wingback, turn off the TV, grab the rake when it’s not raining and continue clearing the beds. Here’s what’s been lurking beneath the blanket of leaves.

Lady's Mantle (640x480)

Lady’s mantle “Goldstrike”.  This plant has more than doubled in size since it began emerging last week. Planted in the garden last year, I think it may exceed my expectations this year.

I like the way the leaves unfurl as astillbe emerges.

Chinese astilbe “Visions”. I like the way the leaves unfurl as astilbe emerges.

Tall garden phlox. I rearranged the bed in the fall and am surprised at how quickly they are coming up.

Tall garden phlox. I rearranged the bed in the fall and am surprised at how quickly they are coming up.

Tulip poplar (640x480)

Tulip poplar in the front yard.

All around the area signs of a lovely spring are emerging. We’ve had quite a bit of rain and warm temperatures to coax things along. Redbud trees are just starting to bloom, Star magnolias are flowering, the landscape is suddenly punctuated by bright yellow forsythia, and soon the Bradford pears and dogwood trees will be flush with white blooms. I hope you are enjoying your spring and the yard work that accompanies it.

Trash (640x480)


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One thought on “A Weekly Review of the Garden

  1. Right now it looks like you are weeks if not a whole month ahead of us. I WAS enjoying my spring until we got our recent snowstorm.

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