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The garden changes nearly daily now. We have had some healthy doses of rain in St. Louis followed by sunny, warm days. I expect both the humidity and temperatures will warm up significantly in the next couple of weeks, encouraging lots of blooming! And while I absolutely live for the flowers, I love the continuous change that is occurring along with all the green, green, green. Mounds of budding plants make my morning and evening inspections (along with weekend weeding and planting) that much more enjoyable. I am continually delighted when something I planted last year resolves to return this year.

GBBD 7 May

Buds Stella De Oro Buds coreopsis

Up and coming are the yellows. Until now, the display has been mainly purples and pinks. The yellow and chartreuse blooms of Lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis), Stella de Oro and other daylilies (hemerocallis), both moonbeam and tickseed and coreopsis are just days away from joining the the salvia, baptisia, cranesbill and roses that are in bloom.

Buds Butterfly Milkweed Buds Shasta DaisyAlso on the way are other sunny blooming perennials including a few of my favorites–shasta daisy (Leucanthemum) with their happy yellow “eyes,” butterfly milkweed (Asclepia tuberosa) and gayfeather (Liatris spicata).

There are lots of pinks in the works too. The Chinese astilbe that I moved to the new shade bed has started its flower tall feathery pink spikes and the delicate coral bell (Heuchera) blooms are just about to open. These will provide a nice color to the mainly green garden. I am waiting for caladium to arrive any day now and they will be placed in this bed.

How does your garden grow?
Chinese astilbe




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2 thoughts on “Up and Coming in the Garden

  1. I can see you’ve got a lot of blooms ready to go onstage. We were expecting rain this weekend and it never happened. It might actually get pretty dry by next Saturday.

    • A few weeks ago we had a lot of rain and then things really dried out to the point of watering all the beds. We’re back to a wet pattern.

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