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Wordless Wednesday: Spanish Bluebells


Spanish bluebells I Spanish Bluebells 2 Spanish Bluebells 3


Author: mjarz

Welcome to the Arch City Gardener. My name is Mimi and I started this blog to share my journeys in learning to garden in St. Louis County, Missouri and learn more from my readers who garden. Thanks for reading The Arch City Gardener.

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Spanish Bluebells

  1. I have some of these, they are not ready to bloom, though.

  2. Jason, I wasn’t sure if they are Squill or the Blundell as I think k they look alike. They look like what you posted on your site today. What do you think? What I do love about these are that they look like they are painted in the photos. Their color is wonderful.

  3. I hate autocorrect. That should have said Bluebell not Blundell.

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