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Is spirea growing in your garden landscape? Have you noticed its chameleon-like nature?

I have heard spirea described as a “workhorse” plant. It is hardy, drought tolerant and versatile. There are scads and scads of both spring and summer blooming varieties in more than 80 species. This deciduous, fast-growing shrub and available in just about any growing zone.

I suspected the two woody shrubs by the front door might be spirea and an illustrated article in one of my garden magazines and a little research confirmed it. I don’t know the species or variety but I am enjoying its chameleon-like nature as it moves through spring. Just a couple of weeks ago ago its foliage was orange, quickly changing to orangish yellow. Next it changed over to chartreuse. Soon enough I will be enjoying its pink blooms atop dark green leaves.spirea spring (640x480)



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