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Uh-oh Spotty Rose Canes


The spots on the rose canes feel flat and are rimmed in red.

The spots on the rose canes feel flat and are rimmed in red.

My morning yard patrol before or after work has started. Coffee cup in hand, I’ve been kicking the leaves aside for signs of new spring life. I’m anxious to play in the dirt and start clearing beds and pruning back the roses, hydrangea, grasses and other plants I left alone for winter interest. Low and behold, my roses aren’t looking so good. There are large blackish spots rimmed in red along the canes. One plant seems to be affected the most.

Of course I made a quick stop into my favorite nursery to inquire but as dumb luck would have it I forgot to bring my phone which has a picture on it and they were getting ready to close. Maybe one you out there in the blogosphere can tell me what the heck this is. My internet searching has me thinking this might be canker stem spot. But I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that the canes on the roses don’t look so good on the inside either. Their centers are darkish.

Any words of wisdom fellow gardeners?


Author: mjarz

Welcome to the Arch City Gardener. My name is Mimi and I started this blog to share my journeys in learning to garden in St. Louis County, Missouri and learn more from my readers who garden. Thanks for reading The Arch City Gardener.

3 thoughts on “Uh-oh Spotty Rose Canes

  1. Mimi, You are right from what I’ve also researched. I cut out the infected stems when I see them on my bushes. Here is a link: šŸ™‚

  2. I don’t use chemicals in the garden, but I know Neem oil is used by organic gardeners. I haven’t tried it because I don’t use sprays in the garden, I usually let all the good and bad bugs fight it out. The black spots show up on my roses if the ground is too wet. I remove the leaves/twigs and bag them for the garbage. šŸ™‚

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