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Things to Do While I Hurry Up and Wait

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Tick, tick, tick. The PJM rhododendrons are the first signs of spring in my yard.

Tick, tick, tick. The PJM rhododendrons are the first signs of spring in my yard.

My Midwest suburban garden is dormant at the end of January. Limited diversion is provided from HGTV, blog trolling and old garden mags. It’s time for a Diversion List to get through what lies ahead…February.

February can be rather gloomy in St. Louis. While the days are getting longer and the temperatures are climbing, these positives are offset by cloud cover, 40-ish degree F daytime temperatures and a generally humid climate. Quite often the days drag on, making February feel like the longest month. You might understand why one needs diversion. This month would be a wonderful time to take a trip somewhere marvelous, like Hawaii, the Southwest, or Europe. But alas, my plans do not include such far-flung departures.

I moved my Frances William hostas because they were getting too much sun. The new spot has morning sun and afternoon shade. I love  the way this plant unfolds as it comes out of the ground

It won’t be long until the hosta begin to unfurl, it just seems like it.

My Diversion List includes taking an introductory digital photo class, swimming at the local Y, and perhaps a visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden.Things will no doubt be looking up by the end of Cupid’s month…temperatures will be on the rise, the days will be even longer yet and we will be moving into March and the much anticipated vernal equinox. And we all know what that means! How do you wind your way through February?


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