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June Blooms

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We’ve had quite a bit of rain in the St. Louis area and combined with warm to hot temperatures, the garden is responding. As I clean up spent blooms and (finally!) put down mulch, the beds are taking on a new look as summer comes on in earnest in June. I have trimmed all the spent blooms on the roses, cut back the May Night salvia and also removed the spent blooms on the wild geranium. Gives the bed a whole new look. The penstamon was spectacular with its woody red stems and dainty flowers. Truly one of my favorites. The blooms last quite a while, both in the garden and in a cut flower arrangement. May was a wonderful month for flowers.

Shasta daisy in bloomBut there is so much to look forward to this month. The shasta daisy “Amelia” (Leucanthemum suprbum) I planted last summer is in full swing as are the coreopsis, the stella de oro lily and the oriental lily. The oakleaf hydrangea never fails to disappoint and this season is no different; it is full of panicled blooms. Buds have developed on the “Pardon My Pink” bee balm (monarda didyma), tall garden phlox and coneflower. The Russian sage (perovskia) has grown quite tall and is just about to bloom as are the “Kobold” gayfeather (liatris spicata). This year I have added a new, compact variety of Russian sage called “Crazy Blue” (perovskia atriplicifolia) and it appears near bloom. And of course the roses will rebloom and the Little Lamb and Little Lime hydrangea will come into their own, probably toward the end of the month.

Oriental lilies after the rain (1280x960)Stella (600x800)

Gayfeather close up in May (600x800)How is your garden coming along? Have you seen any pests in your garden beds? I am curious about the natural remedies I see all the time on Pintrest. Do they really work? Please share your experiences. Happy gardening.



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